Lessons II

Eventually she would send me to live with my dad, who by this time had kicked his drinking habit (put it on hold is more like it) & started a family of his own. He has a really nice 22 room house on 10 acres. He had horse, cows, sheep, goats, dogs, cats & birds. He had a game room with 3 different video game systems, a pinball machine, a pool table, an air hockey table & a Pac-man machine. He had a barn, a garden & a pool. Hearing that I bet you think that I finally hit the jack pot. Maybe some of the pain I had in my younger years would be balanced by a few years of childhood bliss. I am sorry to say that is just not the case at all.

You see my mother sent my brother to live with my dad 2 years before me because he asked her to do it. When I was 13 she sent me to visit my dad for a couple months during summer break. I enjoyed my trip but when I expected to go home my mother called me & explained that I would be staying there. She explained that she moved. I did not know where she was & she refused to tell me. She did not call me again for a couple of years. Even though my dad lived in a nice house with a lot of nice things I rarely got the chance to enjoy any of it. The woman my father married had her own kids as well as a daughter with my dad. She treated them all wonderfully.

My dad & step mother also had 8 foster children. These were not behaved children whose parents could not take care of them properly. They were depraved children who were listed as hard to handle. Many of them had been taken from their parents for misbehavior of one sort or another & most of them had been moved from foster home to foster home for the same reason. My folks had a knack for those special cases. They had a motion detector & baby monitor in every bedroom upstairs.

If any child got out of bed they knew immediately. If they went into the hall a louder motion alarm sounded & god forbid anyone open a door or window because the whole system would sound an alarm. I was stacked into bunk beds & treated like those children while I saw her children enjoy every luxury known to man. Let’s not forget that there is a lot of work on a farm. All of which landed squarely in my lap. I rarely enjoyed the game room. I was always in the field working. My stepmom always found something new that just had to be done with my name on it.

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