When I was a young man, life was not easy for me. I lived in the middle of the city & there were not too many overwhelmingly positive events in my early life. I did not have the benefit of being raised by both of my parents. Unfortunately, my mother & father divorced when I was only 2 years old. You see, there was a very disturbing event eventually led to the demise of their marriage. While my mother was pregnant with me, she & my father were driving when an elderly woman, in another vehicle, caused an accident which resulted in a young motorcyclist losing his life. The motorcyclist slammed head first into their car & then into their window. He died in front of them & even though it was not my fathers fault, he began to drink pretty heavily. My mother was not able to follow him down his chosen path. She left him & took my brother & I with her.

I did not hear from my father too often after that until I was a teenager but I do not blame him for that because who is to say what that would do to any of us mentally. My mom had to raise us alone & she was not well equipped to do that. She did everything she could to raise us right & make sure we had what we needed but I remember a lot of time having to go to bed hungry. I remember never having new clothes & that is hard for a child. To go to school in second hand clothes was one of the things that I hated the most. I remember when all of my friends were talking about the video games they played or the fun they had a Disneyland I would cringe because I always felt left out. Still to this day I have never been to any major theme park.

It’s not that my mom did not try because she did. She would work part time while we were at school & eventually she went back to school for a few years & got her college degree in early childhood education. When she decided to go back to school it really opened up my schedule because she was so busy. I found myself out later & later. I would be finding new & interesting ways to get in trouble & eventually I started falling in with the wrong crown. By the time my mom graduated I was well out of hand & the bigger I got the less control she had over me. My mom is not very big so when I outgrew her, she lost control entirely.

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